Vasco player kidnapped, possibly tortured, for dating a drug kingpin’s girlfriend (she is shot)

Sit back for a mental story from Brazil.

A Brazilian midfielder was kidnapped and possibly tortured by a drug cartel this week after he was caught dating a girlfriend of a major crime boss in Rio de Janiero.

22-year-old Bernardo, who plays for Vasco da Gama and is currently nursing knee ligament injuries, was snatched by members of Minor P’s crew (aka Marcelo Santos), after it became common knowledge that the footballer was dating a young blonde named Dayana Rodrigues.

Both Bernardo and Ms. Rodrigues were kidnapped by criminals before being tied up and tortured in a safe house of the gangsters. Moreover, Dayana Rodrigues was reportedly shot five times in her legs for her treason of sleeping with another man.

But Bernardo managed to escape the ordeal without any major harm. How?

Reports indicate that Fluminense’s Wellington Silva and Palmeiras’ Charles acted as mediators with the drug cartel on behalf of Bernardo, and amazingly the fellow footballers negotiated the safe release of their peer.

On Friday Bernardo posted a picture on Instagram to show to the world that he was doing fine, while Vasco’s sporting director Rene Simoes told reporters:

I spoke to Bernardo recently and our priority is to give full support to the player. Of course Vasco do not want his name involved in anything other than what he achieves on the sports field. Bernardo will receive support from the club while legal proceedings are being undertaken.

Pictures of Dayana Rodrigues has since flooded the internet, while football fans have been quick to notice that in one image the blonde is seen wearing a bikini top of Flamengo: a team who are one of Vasco’s traditional enemies.

Below is a picture of Brazilian paper Hora’s front page splash on Saturday, while below is also the Instagram picture which Bernando posted on Friday showing his supporters that he is fine.