A terrible own goal you won’t have seen: Hugo Ventura (Portimonense) vs Vitoria Setubal

What’s the point of having a goalkeeper if they cannot catch?!

Friday night in Portugal saw no-hopers Portimonense chalk up their tenth loss in an abysmal season as they fell 4-3 at home to fellow relegation scrappers Vitoria Setubal.

Still in single digits with just nine points registered in fifteen games, Portimonense are really bad. And their uselessness was on full view when their goalie Hugo Ventura laid down the marker for the worst own goals of 2011 as he levelled the match 2-apiece.

With less than two minutes passed at the start of the second half, Setubal’s Ney aimlessly hoofed a cross towards the far post. Had nobody touched the ball, the cross would have drifted out of play and Portimonense would of had a goal kick.

But Hugo Ventura had a different idea. Looking to snap up the cross under no pressure whatsoever, Ventura raised both arms as the ball seemed destined for his safe hands. Only his hands weren’t safe. Instead, it was if they were greased in oil.

The ball popped in Ventura’s grasp. It then popped out. And humiliating the ball ended up in the goal.

Hugo “not the Ace” Ventura’s balls-up can be seen here.


In contrast to that own goal, a couple of golazos were also scored on Friday night.

The friendly match between Trabzonspor and Schalke saw the Turks run out 3-nil winners, and the highlight was Tayfun Cora’s brilliant bullet that reduced the scorer to tears. Then, over in Qatar at the start of the Asian Cup, Uzbekistan’s Odil Ahmedov cracked a stunning 35-yard howitzer to open the games with a bang.