A sub goalie invades the pitch, saves a certain goal & leaves victims of the hour to miss an indirect free-kick

This is mental.

A lower league match in Argentina between San Martin and Bell Ville has been capitulated into the public sphere after San Martin’s reserve keeper Marcos Juarez invaded the pitch and made a diving save to deny Bell Ville a certain goal.

Juarez, who was standing behind his team’s goal during a Bell Ville attack, quickly grasped that San Martin were about to score a goal when their centre-forward raced clear and fired a shot on target.

Accordingly Juarez quickly dashed onto the pitch to make a diving save to deny the goal, leaving the referee with the harsh decision of awarding San Martin only an indirect free-kick after the illegal infraction.

The matter got worse for San Martin, as they were unable to convert the set-play and thus Bell Ville got away with the cheating antics of their sub goalie.

Watch the crazy Argentinean incident below.

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