A small group of fans chant “F*ck Tolstykh!”, throw condoms at the Russian FA headquarters [Video]

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A brand new YouTube channel has just been sent up called ‘football russia’, which appears to be the online video launchpad for a handful of disgruntled Russian fans to voice their angry at the RFU.

Russia exited the World Cup in the first round, despite the fact that manager Fabio Capello was the highest paid coach in Brazil on $10 million a year, plus the fact that the Russians appeared to be in a relatively easy group alongside Belgium, Algeria and South Korea.

After seeing their team fail badly, a group of Russia fans who look a lot like hooligans, have decided to protest their FA in an aggressive fashion.

Armed with condoms and loud voices, the band of fans were recorded screaming “F*ck Tolstykh!” outside at the Russian FA headquarters.

Nikolai Tolstykh is the president of Russian Football Union.

On the YouTube video, ‘football russia’ have also written the following:

We, a group of lower league fans, are expressing our dissatisfaction at the violent activities of Nikolai Tolstoy,president of the RFU. 

Our team left the World Cup in disgrace, with unconvincing showings in their games.

Our players get a lot of money. The RFU prefers to invest in the wasted older, fatter generation, rather than developing our children’s football. 

Professional clubs in the local regions eke out a miserable existence. The popularity of football in Russia is very low. Football infrastructure is generally the stone age. 

In all countries, football is primarily a game for fans, so we’re trying to isolate the fat-cats.

Today we have showered them with condoms filled with water, tomorrow could be worse! IT’S ENOUGH! Be smarter than everyone else, resign! 

(Thanks to @_allamov for the spot)