A slew of Arsenal fans post YouTube videos of them burning Robin van Persie shirts

It’s the morning after the night before for Arsenal fans, and by now everyone has heard that Robin van Persie is leaving the Emirates to join Manchester United.

That news has left many fanatic Gunners fans in a quandary. What should they do with their number 10, RVP replica Arsenal shirts?

The answer: set fire to the Dutchman’s shirt, record the event, add some music that helps illustrate emotions, and then post the clip on YouTube.

Accordingly, below are a handful of videos capturing angry Arsenal supporters torching their Robin van Persie momentos.

1) Title: “Robin van Persie Judas Scum – shirt burning” – Description: “TRAITOR, NO LOYALTY!”

2) Title: “Burning Robin van Persie’s 11/12 home shirt” – Description: “Burning the dirty f**king shirt after it’s announced that RvP has left to Man Utd! Of course I cut off the beautiful emblem before!”

More clips can be seen below the fold.

3) Title: “Burning of v.persie’s arsenal shirt”

4) Title: “Robin Van Persie” – Description: “arsenal robin van persie shirt burns!!!!”

5) Title: “Robin Van Persie Manchester United” – Description: “Burning the shirt of a cripple. The lynching of a dirty sell out. VP Van Persie Robin Van Persie hope you break your legs. Hope Wayne Rooney falls on your knees and breaks them”

(Credit to Off The Post)