A shocking injury you won’t want to see: Antonio “Tony” Pacheco (Penarol) suffers horrible leg break v Fenix

“Yesterday we received the news of the serious injury of Antonio Pacheco, a pity for him and Uruguayan soccer. Many strength and encouragement. Soon you’ll be back on the field!” – Luis Suarez.

The clip below is not for the squeamish and we wish Penarol’s veteran midfielder Antonio “Tony” Pacheco a swift recovery.

Penarol travelled to Fenix on Sunday and took a 3-1 lead just after the 20 minute mark with Pacheco scoring the third.

Just before the break though, a challenge with the Fenix number six left Pacheco lying on the ground with his leg in a horrible position – as shown by the picture on the left.

Medical reports say Pacheco suffered a double fracture of the tibia and fibula and at 36 there have to be some serious doubts if he will ever play again.

Penarol’s club doctor, Mario Pagano, told the press after the game that the players closest to the incident “could hear the noise.”

Fenix would go on to turn the match around, winning 4-3 with two of their goals coming against the shell-shocked Penarol side after the Pacheco injury.

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(Via Brasil Mundial.)