A royal mess: The Kings Cup match between Lebanon and Thailand descends into chaos

Peter Reid’s time as manager of Thailand is proving anything but boring. The Englishman impressively steered his side the the Suzuki Cup final only last month, and in the past week the former Sunderland boss watched from the side as his Thai team were involved in what may prove to be the most bizarre match of the year.

Playing in the Kings Cup against Lebanon, the Middle East side twice walked off the pitch in protest at foul play against their opponents that prompted two on-field brawls.

The first flare-up came about as Lebanon were pushing for an equaliser with 10 minutes to go. In a scene as childish as it sounds, Zakaria Charara and Thai defender Suree Sukha had a heated argument as they both tried to grab the ball after a foul. Cue mayhem, both sides quickly descending into free-for-all involving players and officials from both sides with Charara caught slapping Suree’s twin brother Surat in a case of mistaken identity in the melee.

After a stoppage of nearly 10 minutes the game finally got back underway, however the bad blood was still clearly evident after Charara only got a yellow card for his misbehaviour.

And it didn’t take much for the chaos to resurface, a second clash between Suree and Charara in injury time kicked-off the drama once more. This time the referee decided to defuse the situation by calling time on the match even though several minutes were left in stoppage time.

New footage has just been released of the incident, including interviews with both Worawi Makudi (president of the Football Association of Thailand) and Peter Reid, which can be seen here.

Alternative footage, showing different angles of the punch-up towards the end of the video, can be seen here.