A player is attacked and falls unconscious in Macedonia

YouTuber “MacedonianFootball” has compiled the highlights from this weekend’s action from Macedonia including a sickening story of an assault which left Gabonese international Georges Ambourouet (pictured) beaten and unconscious in the match between Renova Dzepciste and Makedonija GjP Skopje.

According to MacedonianFootball (who writes in broken English), “The match between Renova and Makedonija was supposed to be the most interesting match in this round, because it involved inform teams from the top of the Macedonian league. The match was the most interesting, but sadly, not because of the play, but because of an incident.”

“In the 39th minute the Gabonese national team member Georges Ambourouet assisted Washington who sent a header in Renova’s net and took Makedonija GjP in the lead. Makedonija’s lead created tensed atmosphere and just before the half time whistle in the 45th minute, there was a brawl on the pitch after which Ambouret was sent off. While he was leaving the pitch, unknown person attacked Ambourouet in front of the tunnel, a well known tunnel on the stadium in Tetovo where a lot of incidents have happened before. Georges Ambourouet was heavily beaten and in unconscious condition was urgently taken to the hospital.”

“Because of the serious incident, Makedonija GjP have decided not to continue the match and the match was abandoned.”

The footage of the incident, as well as the othe action from this weekend in Macedonia, can be seen here.