A Newcastle fan vents his anger on YouTube over Joe Kinnear’s return to St James’ Park

With already over 2000 views since it was uploaded onto YouTube on Monday, the rant from ‘The True Geordie’ appears to resonate with plenty of Newcastle fans at the moment.

The True Geordie has posted a 9 minute video online in which he lambastes his beloved club for having appointed Joe Kinnear as the club’s Director of Football on Sunday.

The monologue is full of zingers.

After explaining how he refused to believe the rumours at first instance, The True Geordie labelled his club a “fucking shambles, we are a fucking laughing stock”. Then the abused really started to flow.

Calling Kinnear the “worst caretaker since Ian Huntley”, the talking-head then dismantled the cockney’s CV to “19% win record [at Newcastle], piss poor… one of the worst appointments in Premier League history. Then Alan Shearer comes along and takes the fall for you cos he sent him up shit creek without a paddle.”

Watch The True Geordie swear-word laden rant ripping Joe Kinnear apart below.