A must watch documentary: Ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright goes one-on-one with the camera in “Nothing To Something”

If you ask a Premier League fan to describe ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright, words like loudmouth, passionate, heart-on-his-sleeve, goalscorer, fun-loving, hyperactive and joker will likely come out in the conversation.

But Ian Wright the celebrity and Ian Wright the actual, stripped-down man are not the same person.

Wrighty is a loud showman who plays up to the crowd, often wearing stupid clothes in the process. Ian Wright on the the hand is a man who is still recovering from being brought up in a broken home, who remains scarred from many of the ordeals which he had to overcome to become the Wrighty figure the wider public know today.

Looking to peel away the layers of Arsenal’s second highest goalscorer of all time, Grmdaily.com have produced a stunning one-on-one interview with Ian Wright.

In it the ex-England international talks about his childhood, his burning love for football and Match of the Day, getting arrested for stealing a car, finally breaking into football with Crystal Palace, and eventually joining Arsenal.

On Arsenal, Wright talked about how important David Rocastle was in helping him bed into the club, that tackle on Peter Schmeichel, and ultimately how proud he was to represent the Gunners.

Watch Ian Wright in “Nothing To Something” below.

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