A Manchester United fan rips into Nani (“not good enough”) after his poor display against Stoke

It was one of his worst displays for Manchester United ever, and one Red Devil was fixated about talking about it on Saturday.

Portuguese international Nani had a woeful performance at Old Trafford against Stoke this weekend; so bad was his shift that the Manchester United fans booed the Michael Jackson lookalike when he was subbed in the 58th minute for Adnan Januzaj.

Nani was later torn to pieces in a wonderful rant from a frustrated Manchester United supporter when he got the opportunity to talk on camera.

Nani could have been taken of a lot earlier. He doesn’t wanna know. He’s as good as Ashley Young. Not good enough for Manchester United. 

He’s picking a wage packet every week. He doesn’t deserve his wage packet. That young chap Januzaj wants to play for United. Why he’s not getting on…

The three players who came on as subs all played very well. And, I don’t wanna keep going on, but Nani… just got away! As a player he’s got so much ability but he doesn’t do it for United.

[Kagawa] played well today. I still have to get back to Nani. I can’t believe he played for so long! I used to like Nani, but he’s getting so much money for doing so little.