A Man United fan got married into a Man City family, gives a brilliant wedding toast

Ahead of the Manchester derby on Sunday, this is a fabulous viral video.

Footage was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, taken from a wedding on September 7, 2013 involving a Manchester United supporting groom – @aboycalledyoung – and his new Manchester City supporting in laws.

We pick up the action as the newly married United fan delivered his speech, with the camera rolling just at the time when the young man is talking about the passing of a very important role model in his life.

Without giving away the punchline, the groom does brilliantly to turn a sad topic into a lovely moment of fun.

@aboycalledyoung has pointed out to us on Twitter that this was a tribute to his father, who recently passed away, and this is how he would like this to come across.

Watch the Man United groom’s wedding toast below.