A Liverpool fan from Kosovo has grown his hair for 11 years after promising to not to cut it until Reds won the league

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Liverpool fan Ukë Krasniqi has a little bit more on the line hoping Liverpool win the league than most Reds supporters.

In 2003 Ukë Krasniqi made a self-imposed oath to himself that he wouldn’t cut his hair until Liverpool next won a championship.

Whilst many may question the wisdom in such a restriction, Ukë Krasniqi, who comes from Kosovo, has stayed true to his declaration and for 11 long yeas the Reds supporter has seen his locks grow longer and longer.

Now the story has been picked up by Kosovo news outlet Republika.mk, and the Liverpool fan as given the following quotes:

Since 2003 I started to grow my hair spontaneously… So far Liverpool have won all other titles but not the championship. No we are so close.

Even if we are declared champions earlier, I will keep my hair until May 11. I want my hair when Steven Gerrard will lead us to the championship against Newcastle.

See pictures of the hairy liverpool fan below.