A gruesome injury you don’t want to see: Dan Roman (Gaz Metan) from a sickening challenge by Ciprian Dinu (Botosani)

In Romania, they called the challenge below “murderous” and it is not hard to see why.

A mid-table clash on Thursday afternoon between Botosani and Gaz Metan in Romania looks set to go viral after a sickening challenge from Ciprian Dinu on Dan Roman.

The Gaz Metan striker had put his side into a 1-0 lead on 5 minutes but later in the half was chopped down by Dinu.

What then occurs is plenty of players looking distraught as they realise Roman’s leg is literally bent in what appears to be a very very serious injury.

Dinu was initially given a yellow card, once the referee saw the true severity of the injury he was sent off.

We wish Dan Roman a healthy and speedy recovery.