A gang of 30 Ukrainian thugs attack England fans with knives [Video]

New raw footage have been uploaded online showing an England fan lying motionless on the pavement in Kiev after he was reportedly attacked by 20 Ukrainian thugs.

England face Ukraine in World Cup qualification on Tuesday night, but a couple of nights before kick-off there have been clashes in the streets between rival supporters.

Komsomolskaya Pravda, the Ukrainian newspaper, have reported that around 30 Ukrainians armed with knives brawled with England supporters in a coffee shop on Sunday night. The fight reportedly lasted for two minutes.

Three of the England fans were taken to hospital after the attack. One fan was admitted to hospital with a stab wound, one with a head injury, and a third with severe bruising. No arrests have been made.

Amateur video recorded one of the injured men, who seemed to be wearing an England shirt, lying still on the pavement while local police stood around the beaten up supporter.

Video of the injured England fan in Kiev is below.