A furious Arsenal fan rants for Gadizis & Wenger to resign if they lose to Fenerbahce [Video]

Emotions were always set to be raw amongst Arsenal fans after the Gunners lost their opening Premier League fixture at home to Aston Villa, and one Arsenal supporter represented the frustrations of thousands of his peers in a furious post match rant.

The fan, a middle-aged North Londoner, failed to contain his anger at the Arsenal board and at Arsene Wenger when asked about his thoughts.

Using phrases like “total incompetence” and “it couldn’t have gone any worse”, the het-up supporter seemed close to tears as he demanded that someone on the Arsenal board should be held responsible for the current plight of the Gunners.

You should be ashamed of yourself Gazidis! You can’t have 180 million pounds in the bank and you’re playing Cazorla… He shouldn’t have been on pitch in the first place. He’s knackered. What is going on at this club! You’ve taken the pride out of it Gazidis. 

If they go out to [Fenerbahce in the Champions League], I expect YOU Wenger, and YOU Gazidis… I’ve had a fucking nuff! 

Watch the passionate views of the angry Arsenal fan below.