A French court allows book about Ribery’s relationship with underage escort Zahia Dehar to go on sale

Franck Ribery suffered a setback in court at the end of last week.

The Bayern Munich star, who is up for the 2013 Ballon d’Or, applied for an injuction against a new book called “The Dark Side of Franck Ribery” from being published, however a court in France ruled in favour of the book’s writers.

The new book is written by two French journalists, and it goes into detail about Ribery’s alleged sexual affair with the then underage prostitute Zahia Dehar from 2009. Zahia Dehar is now a lingerie designer in Paris.

Ribery claimed that as a court case is yet to be heard into the matter the book should be stopped from going to sale. The Bayern star, along with Karim Benzema, were supposed to have their case begin in June 2013, however they managed to postpone the beginning of the trial until the end of January 2014.

Ribery’s claims were set aside though by a court in France, however the player’s lawyer Carlo Brusa told AFP that they will be appealing the decision.

For the record, relations with underage prostitutes in France may lead to a prison sentence of up to three years.

Ribery has always denied knowing the age of Zahia at the time of their relationship, while Karim Benzema denies having had sex with the then escort girl.