Drunk-looking Andrey Arshavin (Arsenal) swears, tries picking a fight outside a London club

Eye-witness video has been sent to 101GG HQ this Wednesday showing a drunk-looking Andrey Arshavin swearing and appearing to try to pick a fight outside a London nightclub.

Arshavin, who has been on the Arsenal scrapheap for some time, is spotted staggering around a nondescript side-street accompanied by a couple of friends and a gang of interested onlookers.

At the start of the clip Arshavin is recorded swearing in Russian, and it quickly becomes apparent that the Arsenal benchwarmer was attempting to get past a balky bouncer in order to enter the club.

Arshavin’s intentions seemed plain: he wanted to get into the club in order to have it out with another reveller who had managed to piss him off.

Amid the slurry scenes, Arshavin and one of his entourage began grappling with one another as the Gunners’ foreign import insisted on getting in the building, whilst at the end of the clip Arshavin is heard shouting “fucking man!” as his efforts began to flounder.

Watch the Andrey Arshavin video below.

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