‘A Cut & Paste Job!’ Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi to sue Telegraph for ‘defamatory’ matchfixing allegations [Video]

The Daily Telegraph produced an undercover report earlier this week, in which they staged a set-up with the Ghana FA, in which they expose the football officials as matchfixers.

But Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi is having none of it – he says it was all a set-up, and that at no point on the Daily Telegraphs’ video do they mention the concept of, or word ‘matchfixing’.

Nyantakyi says it was a crude and defamatory ‘cut and paste’ job from the Telegraph, cooked and edited to their whims to make the Ghana FA and Ghanaian football generally look bad.

The Ghana football chief is so confident in his innocence that he’s decided to take legal action – and is going to sue the Daily Telegraph for what he deems to have been manipulative malpractice.

Interesting to see if the Telegraph can produce further and clearer footage of the meeting…