A chunky Arsenal fan apologises for having been a Wenger hater after the Hull game [Arsenal Fan TV]

After 14 rounds of the Premier League season Arsenal sit on top of the league, four points clear of Chelsea following the Gunners convincing 2-0 wino ver Hull at the Emirates on Wednesday night.

As always Arsenal Fan TV were at the Hull game, and after shooting the Tigers fans were queuing up to give their thoughts on Gunners.

Rather than looking forward however, one Arsenal fan felt the need to apologise for his previous actions as a “Wenger hater” going on camera and saying:

I was was an Arsenal Wenger hater. But I’ve gotta take my hat off. You’re a wizard, you’re different class mate. I’ve got to apologise. I’m sorry Arsene Wenger!

Watch the grovelling Arsenal fan below, along with another video of a couple of Arsenal fans singing the praises of Mesut Ozil.