A Chelsea fan trolled Rafa Benitez as the Blues arrived at the Bridge before the Man United game

Win the FA Cup. Qualify for the Champions League. Or fall flat on his face. It really doesn’t matter for Rafa Benitez.

Whatever the Spaniard does at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fans will never love their interim manager, and fan cam footage filmed as the Blues arrived at Stamford Bridge on Easter Monday offered another insight into just how little the west Londoners like their present boss.

As the Chelsea team filtered into the ground from the team bus, a small crowd of supporters were on hand to welcome them.

Amongst those fans was one loudmouth, who took every opportunity to shout his personal beliefs as the players walked past.

When Benitez emerged the faceless fan twice screamed “You’d better win today! You’d better win today!” whilst also commenting “We don’t like him!” to his cohorts.

The fan, who was with a mate, also discussed how the supporters shouldn’t boo Fernando Torres as “he needs confidence”, while Ivanovic was slammed as being “crap on Saturday” at Southampton, and the sight of Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro got the male crowd in something of a tizz.

Watch Rafa Benitez getting trolled by the Chelsea fan below.