A Burnley fan boasts on Twitter that he hit QPR’s Joey Barton on the head with a coke bottle [Picture & GIF]

We can’t say for sure whether @billymooring, who describes himself as an “unsuccessful student”, was indeed the person responsible for throwing a coke bottle at Joey Barton’s head on Saturday, however the fact that a football fan would want to claim such acknowledgement is shameful.

Few players in the world football circuit seem to attract more hatred than Joey Barton, yet football fans are never entitled to get physical with their foes. That line was crossed at Turf Moore on Saturday.

During QPR’s 2-0 away defeat at Burnley, a coke bottle was hurled from the stands by a Burnley fan, and the object smacked Joey Barton on the head.

It was a shameful, deplorable act, however many trolls couldn’t help to celebrate the act which was beautifully preserved in a still image.

Happily @billymooring has received some Twitter backlash for positioning himself as the guy who assaulted Barton, while the student may want to find some legal counsel as we can only hope that the police will pay him a visit on Sunday.

A GIF of the incident together with the claim of responsibility from Billy Mooring can be seen below.