A Bum Wrap: Galactico Pegaso protest by dropping their shorts

A few weeks back we brought you the story of Granada CF who, finding themselves in difficult financial times having not been paid their salary in several months, decided to go public on the pitch by refusing to play ball for the opening 30 seconds of a match with all the team falling to their knees at kick-off.

Now it seems that the protests are not only spreading, but are also getting more dramatic, as proven by Galactico Pegaso on Monday night.

Sitting in 17th place in the 21-team league and only two points ahead of the second-to-last side, Galactico Pegaso had to travel to Real Madrid C, playing in the fourth tier of Spanish football.

According to reports the squad have not been paid for the last three months, with the total amount of unpaid wages reaching $1.6 million. And finally the team decided to make a stand against the situation, using a two-pronged line of attack from which to make their point.

Firstly, the players wore special T-shirts during the warm-up. But that was only the teaser.

Having won the right to kick-off the match, the whole Galactico starting XI, bar the two players in the centre circle, all stood shoulder-to-shoulder in a line midway in their own half. Smacking the kick-off straight to the opposition, the two teammates joined the line right on time as the whole team uniformly dropped their shorts and refused to play ball in an act of defiance.

Respectfully, neither the match officials nor their opposition raised any protest against the Galacticos actions.

The bizarre Galactico Pegaso protest can be seen here.