A brilliant throw-in you won’t have seen: Jacob Egeris (Lyngby) v Skive IK

Rory Delap has nothing on Lyngby’s Jacob Egeris (pictured). Yesterday during the Danish (Vlasat Divisionen) first division match between Lyngby and Svike IK, Egeris rolled out his special throw-in technique in a bid to bring his side back from a two-goal deficit.

Egeris does an awesome somersault before launching the ball into the box, as far, if not futher, than Stoke’s famous Delapadator although it is probably easier to defend as it does not have the low trajectory that the Stoke midfielder provides.

A brilliant throw-in you won’t have seen can be watched on this video.


In the same game, which Skive won 4-1, there was also a pretty fine goal you won’t have seen, Mikkel Buur scoring the opener with a deft back heel.