A brilliant new cartoon: ‘Chicharito Unidos’ (based on Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez)

Surely this cartoon will be picked up by a MUTV soon…

Animator Eddie Mort appears to have been blessed with prophetic timing as he just released a new pilot cartoon ‘Chicharito Unidos’ based on travails of Manchester United’s Mexican striker Javier Hernandez.

After Hernandez scored two for the Red Devils against Braga in the Champions League, the release of this cartoon could hardly have been done in a more appropriate week. (See the highlights here.)

Mort explained his cartoon as follows:

Pitch pilot based on Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, Mexico and Manchester United Football superstar!

Returning to his boyhood club in Guadalajara, Chicharito finds the team has fallen apart in his absence. With a few quick calls to his fellow superstars in world football, Chicharito tries to put the team back together in time for kick-off.

Watch the brilliantly animated ‘Chicharito Unidos’ below.

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