A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Zoltan Hercegfalvi v Vasas Budapest

Take a bow son!

I start with an admission. My knowledge of Hungarian football is next to nothing and the significance of Vasas Budapest’s three-one victory over Budapest Honved on Saturday in the league is totally lost on me. But none of that takes away from the final goal of the match which proved to be one of the most memorable goals of the weekend.

The match was over by halftime after a brace from Toth and a third from Nemeth had put the hosts 3-up at the break. But Honved managed to save some face by “winning the second half” thanks to a brilliantly improvised goal from Zoltan Hercegfalvi in the 59th minute.

Looking to get on the scoreboard, Honved sent the ball up to Ivorian striker Guie Gneki Abraham on the edge of the box. After taking a solid first touch, Abraham found himself faced with two defenders blocking his path to goal, but out the corner of his eye he spotted his teammate Hercegfalvi busting a gut to get into the danger area.

With the outside of boot, Abraham slipped a gentle pass in-between the two covering defenders. However the Vasas number 21 managed to get the faintest of touches to lift the ball slightly off the ground and change the direction of ball from its original target.

What happened next was pure instinctive genius from Hercegfalvi.

Finding the ball popping up just behind him, the striker never broke stride as his lifted his right foot behind his back, managing to connect the heel of his boot perfectly with the ball. Sending the ball goalwards, a stunned and stranded Vasas goalie stood on and watched as the ball drifted past him and into the net.

Zoltan Hercegfalvi’s unbelievable goal can be seen here.