A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Valerio Carboni (Isola Liri) vs Scafatese

While the upper echelons of club football have their feet up during the international break, those grafting away in the lower leagues of world football continue to go about their business. And with that introduction we can bring you an incredible goal scored in Italy’s Lega Pro 2 from last weekend’s match between Isola Liri and Scafatese.

With very little time left in the match, the teams were locked a 1-apiece before 25-year-old Isola Liri midfielder Valerio Carboni placed his name in lights with a breathtaking winner.

Looking to get the ball as far up field as possible, a long ball was hoofed out of the hosts defence with an Isola Liri striker managing to get on the end of the clearance just inside the Scafatese half. The ball then found its way to Valerio Carboni, the midfielder having chugged his way over the halfway-line to offer some support to his frontman.

What happened next was pure instinct, as Carboni chested the ball excellently with his first touch before cracking an outstanding 40-yard half volley that sailed over the keeper’s head and into the net.

Valerio Carboni’s incredible goal can be seen here.