A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Sevilla’s Luis Fabiano in training with Brazil

A clip to remind everyone why Brazil are the kings of the beautiful game.

During Brazil’s training session ahead of the Samba Boys’ World Cup qualifier against Ecuador, a local camera crew captured a stunning goal scored by Sevilla forward Luis Fabiano.

The training move started with Barca’s right-sided dynamo, Dani Alves, chugging down the right hand side of the pitch, negotiating his way past some rogue floor-markers which plotted out the full-backs route. Once at the desired destination Alves then sent over a cross to Luis Fabiano standing in the six yard box.

Attacking the ball from a side-on angle, the Brazilian forward, with four goals already in the qualifiers, flung out his left leg to meet the cross with the ball flying past Inter Milan keeper Julio Cesar off the striker’s heel and into the top corner.

Luis Fabiano’s fabulous heel-volley can be seen here.