A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Roberto Merino (Salernitana) vs Albinoleffe

There was a time when goals from the halfway-line appeared to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However on almost a weekly basis it seems that another footballer tries his luck from distance, and last weekend it was the turn of Salernitana’s Roberto Merino to put his name up in lights with a tremendous strike against Albinoleffe.

By the time Merino took his strike the Serie B match was already in the hosts’ favour. Having taken the lead three times already in the match, with eight minutes to go, the host were simply looking to defend their lead. Instead, what happened was one of the moments of the weekend.

After making a tackle on Leffe’s number 10 just inside his opponent’s half, Roberto Merino took the ball forward just a couple of steps before letting rip with a stunner. After one touch and a quick look-up, Merino caught the visitor’s keeper slightly off his line, and that was the invitation needed to excute a perfect lob from way, way out.

Roberto Merino’s superb goal from distance can be seen here.