A brilliant goal you won’t have seen: Raul’s solo special at Schalke training

A day after we brought you Dennis Bergkamp’s stunning volley at Ajax training, the theme of brilliant training ground goals continues over in Germany with Raul.

It’s been a trying few days for the Spanish legend.

In a bizarre story, Spanish magazine “Interviu” this week claimed that Raul (along with Ronaldo and Guti) was a contact for Spanish drug-lord Laurentino Sanchez Serrano. The story was picked up by Bild, who ran with the headline “Is Raul under pressure as a contact for a drug boss?”

Raul has refused to comment on the scandal, but the striker has managed to rewrite his own headlines by scoring a solo golazo in Schalke training.

After controlling the ball with his right peg on the right hand side of the box, Raul proceeded to dance around the goalie, then a defender, before finishing his slalom with a cheeky backheel.

Watch Raul’s solo special at Schalke training here.