A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Konrad Frys (Unia Tarnow) vs Dalin Myslenice

Prepare for something a little bit special.

While most of the world was tuning in to the Champions League on Wednesday night, over in the Polish lower leagues minnows Dalin Myslenice played host to Unia Tarnow in a match that usually would have gone completely unnoticed.

That was until Konrad Frys scored a brilliant goal directly from a centre.

With Unia having conceded their third goal of the match to make the defeat certain late on, Frys chanced his luck with an audacious effort straight from the restart which incredibly flew all the way past the keeper and into the net. It may have only been a consolation, but Frys’ goal from the halfway-line will live long in the memory.

Konrad Frys’ wonder-strike can be seen here.