A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Jussi Kujala (TPS Turku) vs FC Lahti

Many thanks to “Juk” for bringing this goal to our attention.

The footage comes from the Finnish first division match between TPS Turku and FC Lahti on Sunday, a match that the hosts comfortably won 5-2.

After just two minutes of the game the home supporters were on their feet having witnessed a sublime strike from Jussi Kujala as early pressure from the hosts had sen them win a free-kick on the right hand side of the D, at least 25-yards from goal.

After both sides took their time to prepare themselves for the set-play, Jussi Kujala assumed responsibility for taking the dead-ball, but the player only had one thing in mind. Welly the ball as hard as possible and hope for the best. The result was a goal that even Cristiano Ronaldo would have been proud of.

Jussi Kujala’ wonderful free-kick can be seen here.