A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Ismail Sulaiman Al Ajmi (Kuwait SC) vs South China

On Wednesday night in Asia, Kuwait Sports Club took on South China in the second leg of their AFC Cup semi-final, with the Kuwaiti’s carrying a 2-1 lead into the match. A raucous Hong Kong crowd packed out the ground to cheer on their side, however they were silenced by a moment of individual brilliance from Oman international Ismail Sulaiman Al Ajmi.

25-year-old Al Ajmi grabbed the crucial winner for the visitors in the 83rd minute.

Picking up a loose ball in the centre-circle, Al Ajmi began by cheekily lifting the ball over his opponent before setting off at pace from the half way-line. He then darted down the left-hand side with two South China players for company, only to brilliantly play his way through his pair of minders and angle his forward momentum goalwards.

One more defender was then all-too-easily sidestepped by Al Ajmi before the midfielder took aim and drilled a low shot into the bottom corner.

Ismail Sulaiman Al Ajmi’s fantastic solo goal can be seen here.