A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Gergely Kocsardi (Zalaegerszeg) vs Kaposvar

Our first entry for next week’s goal of the week list was scored in the Hungarian meeting last night between Kaposvar and Zalaegerszeg, which the visitors won 2-1.

It was the second goal of the night which left tongues wagging. Picking up the ball inside his opponents half and close to the right hand touchline, Zalaegerszeg’s right back Gergely Kocsardi scored an outstanding goal which proved to be the deserving match-winner.

Kocsardi collected the ball on his chest as he intercepted possession from the hosts. His first touch wasn’t the best, and as a result the ball quickly looked to be running away from the number two. But rather than purposefully closing down the opponent, the covering Kaposvar midfielder was sluggish in making a challenge for the loose ball gifting Kocsardi the extra few seconds he needed.

The result was spectacular and unstoppable.

Gergely Kocsardi’s incredible goal can be seen here.