A brilliant goal you wont have seen: Falcao (Brazil) vs Colombia

If you still don’t know about Futsal superstar Falcao, prepare to be entertained.

Almost a year ago some of you may remember seeing Brazil’s leading Futsal player Falcao leaving the Romanians for dead with a wonder-goal in the 2009 Grand Prix de Futsal (see here). Well, this week Falcao was at it again, as the trickster scored yet another breathtaking goal that is rarely seen on the small pitch.

Facing off against Colombia in a 6-2 rout on Wednesday night, Falcao wowed the crowd with an incredible fifth for the Samba Boys as the striker scored a tremendous 20-yard lob that many would think was impossible giving the size of the playing area.

Falcao’s incredible lob can be seen here.