A Brazilian striker has a double seizure on the pitch after a horror head-collision (Saad-Comercial MS)

This is not one for the squeamish.

Last Sunday in Brazil’s lowly Campeonato Sul-Matogrossense, minnows Saad and opponents Comercial MS faced-off in a thrilling 3-all draw in a match that caught the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

During the match, Comercial MS striker Tainha found himself on the receiving end of a full-blooded knock to the head when the striker tried to keep the ball in play at the back post. After making his header, Tainha was floored by a Saad opponent who managed to knock the number nine out cold with a thudding head-butt.

Once grounded things turned for the worse for Tainha.

Prostrate on the floor immediately after taking the hammer blow, Tainha began having a very public seizure on the turf, much to the distress of surrounding players. His body began to shake uncontrollably in particularly distressing scenes, but incredibly moments later the striker was back on his feet and looking to come back on the pitch and resume the match.

Cue the second seizure.

With Tainha standing on the sidelines waiting to rejoin the action, the forward appeared to faint as he again fell uncontrollably to the floor before the striker was eventually carted off to hospital for examination.

According to local reports, Tainha is stable and recovering from his ordeal.

The horror footage of Tainha’s double seizure can be seen here.