A boy had a Ronaldo shirt pinched at Malaga, got kicked out the ground & then got another CR7 shirt [Video]

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Spanish TV recorded a terrible course of events for a young Real Madrid fan called Manolin at last weekend’s match at Malaga.

During the warm up at the Malaga v Real game, Manolin was given the present of a lifetime when Cristiano Ronaldo threw him his shirt.

Manolin’s good fortune was short lived though, as he soon found himself bullied by the other kids in the crowd longing for the prized possession. Only seconds afterwards, the shirt was snatched from his hands, leaving the young Madrid fan empty handed.

Manolin bursted into tears and decided the only way to regain his idol’s warm up shirt was to jump the fence and storm the field.

He approached Ronaldo, embraced him, and told to him what had just happened. Cristiano in turn calmed Manolin down and promised him that the team’s doctor would get another shirt from the sidelines.

When Manolin went to look for the doctor, one of the security guards, unaware of the promise made to the kid from Cristiano, escorted the kid outside the stadium for his unruly behaviour.

Heartbroken, Manolin, bursted into tears yet again, assuming he lost his only chance at his idol’s memorabilia. But the FIFA player of the year did not forget about Manolin, and the Portuguese star showed his class when he asked a member of the Real Madrid’s management to make sure the kid received his kit.

Upon receiving his second shirt, Manolin was yet again seen bullied by other children, but hours later posted a proud picture on his Twitter account displaying Ronaldo’s gift.