A betting portal’s Twitter feed blames ‘Yid scum’ after Lyon antisemitic attack

There is always one idiot who goes far too far.

And the sad part about this story is, by telling it, we’ll probably be boosting the company’s profile from nothing to something.

The person behind TXOdds’ Twitter feed made a galling error of judgement today when they reacted to the overnight news that victimless Spurs fans were ambushed and attacked by antisemitic Lyon locals.

Referring to the Tottenham fans as “Yid sum”, the appalling Tweet told Spurs fans “to stick to what they are good at, picking off scarfers in the George hours after the game!”

As is the way of the internet, TXOdds have since pulled the Tweet from their timeline but not before the incriminating comment was screengrabbed for all to see.

The person who brought this issue to our attention, told us that he wrote to TXOdds to complain about the offending Tweet and he received the following reply.

Sorry about that – have had a word with the guy doing this, it’s not on and will not happen again.

A Sky News report on the Tottenham attack can be seen below.