How a Belgium stadium announcer helped a goalie save a penalty mid-game

Crazy stuff from the Belgium lower leagues.

Last Sunday saw Acren play out a 2-2 draw with Walhain in the fifth tier of the Belgium football league, and the hosts were lucky not to lose the match when they conceded a penalty in the second half.

In incredible scenes, however, Walhain blew their opportunity from 12-yards, as moments before the kick was taken a loud instruction was heard over the sound system as the stadium announcer shouted to his goalie “Jo, main gauche!” – “Yo – Go left!”

Then came the result: the penalty taker aimed his to keeper’s left and, as instructed, the stopper go down low to turn the spot-kick aside.

Unfortunately we have no embeddable video of the incident, but it can be seen at 31.10 minutes into the below link.

Watch the Belgium stadium announcer ‘save’ a penalty here.

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