A Bayern Munich player agreed Adidas could terminate sponsorship deal if he joined Scientology [Der Spiegel]

German daily Der Spiegel published a bizarre story last week that revealed that they had seen a sponsorship deal between an unnamed Bayern Munich player and Adidas in which the sports giant inserted a termination clause should the footballer join Scientology.

The contract was dated from 2008, and the Bayern star agreed to earn €400,000 from the Adidas deal.

Der Spiegel listed all the offences which could trigger an immediate cessation of the deal by Adidas, including if the player was caught taking drugs, or if they belonged “to any organisation or association which represents the principles of L. Ron Hubbard.”

When asked about that clause, Adidas replied: “Diversity and tolerance are fundamental values ​​of the Adidas Group. Scientology and other such organisations are incompatible with this… This is a standard clause in our contracts. It’s not about individual athletes.”

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