A 69-year-old Scottish fan flashed his bare cheeks on Norwegian TV in a barmy interview

Ricky Lawrie, a 69-year-old diehard Scottish football fan, has become an overnight hit in Norway after he gave a barmy interview on local TV.

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Walking around freezing Molde in just a t-shirt and kilt, the senior citizens was only too happy to talk on camera about his journey to game, as well as expressing expressing his thoughts on Scotland’s opponent’s on Tuesday night.

Mr Lawrie explained:

I flew from Edinburgh to Amsterdam, then on to Oslo and now I’m here. The Scottish Football Association made it difficult for us by putting the game here, but we are still here.

Some fans came by boat, some by air, some have hired bus and are driving from Oslo. We love our national team and we travel everywhere to see Scotland.

I saw a mother and her daughter in a store. They looked so healthy with clean skin. The daughters here are pretty, but the mothers are so beautiful. Delicious!

The pièce de résistance of the interview came at the end, when the old-timer revealed how he was walking around Molde with no underwear on.

You can watch the interview here, while a series of stills from the segment on Norwegian TV are below.