A 2nd division match in Lithuania is played on a stupid waterlogged pitch, leads to quality goal celebration

Incredible images were recorded during a ridiculous football match in Lithunia last weekend.

The second division, I Lyga match between Silas and Trakai was played on a pitch that was more like a swamp.

The match turned into a complete joke as players struggled to maintain their balance – let alone pass the ball with any accuracy – on a surface covered in massive puddles.

Despite the atrocious conditions, Trakai won the match courtesy of a Nikolaj Misiuk header from a corner midway through the second half, and the goalscorer celebrated by leading a couple of teammates in a Klinsmann dive into one of the larger lakes on the pitch.

Watch a collection of lowlights from the Silas v Trakai match, together with a second video of the lone goal of the game.