8-year-old Claudio Gabriel Nancufil (“Snow Messi”) is being tracked by Man United, Chelsea, Real Madrid & Barcelona

The prodigies get younger and younger these days.

Argentine 8-year-old Claudio Gabriel Nancufil is the latest to hit the headlines and coming from Bariloche, in Argentina’s Andes means there is even a rather cute nickname for the youngster: Snow Messi!

Claudio Gabriel Nancufil is featured on the back page of the Daily Mirror today which follows features in the Spanish press earlier this week.

Apparently, the list of clubs interested in Snow Messi include: Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and AC Milan.

Kind of makes you think Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Liverpool (and others) should get down to Bariloche for a spot of skiing and to watch the 8-year-old!

The Daily Mirror add: “His family have already got an agency, Sueno Comunicaciones, to broker a move to Europe with all of the big clubs vying for his services. The BBC are planning to feature him in a forthcoming documentary about Messi and Diego Maradona. They hope to tie up a deal before Christmas.”

Cue video of 8-year-old Claudio Gabriel Nancufil making other 8-year-old look silly…