5 GIFs of Paul Scholes tackles at Manchester United

In the finals stages of Manchester United’s 1-0 FA Cup win over West Ham, a typical sighting was spotted at Old Trafford.

For the umpteenth time in his career, United legend Paul Scholes got himself booked for a terrible tackle which once again flared up the shortcoming in the ginger magician’s game.

At 37-years-old there is little chance that Scholes will ever learn the art of tackling, and with that in mind here are five fun GIFs showing just what damage Scholes gets up to when he goes to ground.

1. Paul Scholes gets booked for a shocker tackle on West Ham’s Matty Taylor.

2. The United midfielder luckily gets away with a pincer-tackle v QPR

3. Scholes’ infamous red card stomp on Man City’s Pablo Zabaleta.

4. A rare citing of Scholes making a slide challenge with the help of Ryan Giggs.

5. Sometimes Scholes gets a taste of his own medicine (Grant Hanley, Blackburn).