3rd Eye: Cristiano Ronaldo scores against Man United, Real Madrid fans fight in the crowd

Thanks to @JoelMinsky for sending us this clip.

A brilliant 3rd eye was spotted in the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu in the seconds immediately after Cristiano Ronaldo equalised against Man United.

After Ronaldo had leapt like a salmon to plant a header past David De Gea, the Madridistas stationed behind the goal immediately rose to their feet to applaud the leveller. That process of getting out of their seats, however, provoked two middle-aged men into a ruck.

As they got off their seats to celebrate the goal, one man, dressed in a white jacket, halted his celebration to lay two hands on the man stood next to him, which in turn provoked the second fella into pushing him back.

A second interpretation of the event could be that the men are best mates who choose to celebrate goals by attacking each other.

Either way, it’s funny.

Watch the fighting Real Madrid fans here.