37% say ‘Messi’ in response to SPORT’s survey question: ‘Which Barcelona forward would you let go?’

The autopsy into Barcelona’s failed season is well underway in the Catalan media, and Barcelona-based SPORT have produced some incredible results to the survey they ran after the Liga surrender on Saturday.

With many pointing the finger at Messi for his apathy, especially after signing a new 20 million euro contract the day before, it appears that the previously untouchable Argentine is finally being treated as any other player by the Cule faithful, and that their patience with his diva attitude is wearing thin.

In response to the survey question ‘Which forward would you let go?’, 20% said Alexis Sanchez, just 5% Neymar, 10% Pedro, an incredible 37% (!!!) replied ‘Messi’. 

The survey can be seen here, with each question more or less asking ‘Which player would you let go?’ for each line of keeper, defence, midfield, and attack.

(It’s worth bearing in mind that the survey was open to everybody, not just Barcelona fans.)