20 years on, Bebeto remakes his USA 94 celebration with his son Mattheus Oliveira [Instagram]

It is one the most iconic goal celebrations of the last two decades.

Back at World Cup 94, Brazilian striker Bebeto became a household name when, after scoring against Holland, he wheeled away to produce ‘that’ baby goal celebration in front of the world’s cameras.

The image of Bebeto cradling the imaginary baby was instantly tattooed into football folklore, while the celebration itself was inspired by the birth of a baby boy to the Brazilian striker.

20 years on, Bebeto has now uploaded a picture next to his 20 year old son, and brilliantly they have remade ‘that’ celebration.

In an image that will make many people feel rather old, see Bebeto remake his famous celebration alongside son Mattheus Oliveira below.

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