100s of Algeria fans made an all-night racket outside the hotel housing the Burkina Faso national team

Burkina Faso are on the cusp of Brazil 2014 having beaten Algeria 3-2 in the first leg of the World Cup playoff, but the night before their 2nd leg in northern Africa was made as uncomfortable as possible by a massive crowd of local football fans.

On Monday night, hundreds of Algerian football crowded outside the hotel housing the Burkina Faso national team and blew car horns, let off fireworks, played loud music and tooted on vuvuzelas.

The noise was incredibly loud, and it’s seemed unlikely that the Burkina Faso wouldn’t have been disturbed by the wall of non-stop noise.

Watch videos of the Algerian fans keeping the Burkina Faso national team up at night before their pivotal World Cup qualifier below.

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