Young Celtic fan makes Anthony Ralston laugh by trolling Neymar (Video)

New Celtic hero

Celtic fans have a new hero in academy graduate Anthony Ralston. The 18-year-old defender is playing his first full season with the club and has impressed so far. Supporters are delighted to see a player who first joined the club as a little nine-year-old boy make it to the first team. It’s what every set of fans wants to see.

Undoubtedly the biggest moment of his short career so far was facing off against Neymar and crew in the Champions League recently. It was memorable for more reasons than one.

Celtic were absolutely battered on the night. Losing 5-0 at Parkhead is an occasion reserved exclusively for Champions League nights against a giant like Paris Saint-Germain.

Being the big fish in a small pond, they’re used to dishing out heavy defeats. For some reason, being on the receiving end of one doesn’t sting when the opposition is PSG.

Ralston also took the sting away somewhat. It wasn’t necessarily the teenager’s performance which encouraged the Celtic faithful. While he showed heart and spirit and appeared to be trying quite hard, he couldn’t compete with the class talents on the opposing team. But he did manage to rile Neymar and that was a consolation for some fans.

Encounter with a young fan

Take this encounter with a young fan as an example of this way of thinking. He approaches Ralston with an autograph book when the player pulls over in his car. Appearing to be encouraged by whoever is holding the camera, the boy asks Ralston if he still has Neymar in his pocket. This makes Ralston laugh and may be a running joke for some time.

And in the strictest sense, it is a joke. Neymar wasn’t at his best on that Champions League night but still played a great role in tearing Celtic to pieces. But his petulance allowed Ralston to get the better of him in one way.

If that’s all Celtic fans can take from the clash, they will.