Things get heated between Jamie Carragher & Souness post-Man Utd 1 – Liverpool 1 (Video)

Pogba struggles on corners

Paul Pogba had a day to forget against Liverpool.

Coming just a few days after his new emoji was launched, the Frenchman failed to back up his social media hype, as he was responsible for giving the penalty away which led to Liverpool’s goal, having originally lost his marker on a Liverpool corner.

And it was this incident that led to some disagreement in the Sky studio.

Carra and Souness disagree

Pogba struggled with marking on corners all day, but Jamie Carragher believes that it wasn’t entirely his fault, as he was being blocked.

But Graeme Souness found this suggestion outlandish, criticizing Pogba for not even looking at the ball.

And this led to quite a heated debate between Carra and Souey…

Alright alright, calm down lads! It’s only a game eh.